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In the beginning of time, the heaven and earth were one. The gods roamed the forest and the country side, and all of nature was generously blessed. The soil was rich, the seasons were kind and harvest was bountiful. In return, the people paid homage to the gods. Whenever there was a tree exquisite shape and beauty, a rock of majestic stature, a stream that murmurs melodies there a divine presence was said to dwell. Thus, a temple was erected, an offering made and a festival was held.

As every season began, the people gathered to honor one important deity. To Ukemuchino-kami, the food goddess, they gave thanks for plentiful crops and rejoiced in “The Tasting of the First Fruit” or Niinami Sai. The merriment went on in “The Divine Tasting” or Kanname Sai. And once again, they prayed for another year of plenty…. ITAMAE KETARINGU!!


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